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Facebook and Instagram have picked up momentum, which awakens our need on a daily basis to log in and check what is happening with the other person, what has changed, to look for a good product or just go shopping. We have countless hours of trial and error and mostly success to focus on your marketing to the specific target audience that is right for you. With creative and unique ideas only for you such as: viral content, copywriting services and statistical analysis.

Digital business cards are electronic versions of traditional paper business cards that are used to exchange contact information and professional credentials. They are typically accessed and stored on a smartphone or tablet, and can be shared through email, text, or social media. Digital business cards offer many benefits over traditional paper cards, including the ability to store and access a large number of cards in a single place, the ability to easily update contact information, and the ability to share additional information such as company logos, photos, and social media links. They also offer a more environmentally friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional paper cards. Digital business cards can be created using a variety of software applications, such as business card creation tools or mobile apps. They offer a convenient and modern way for businesses and professionals to exchange information and build relationships, and they are becoming increasingly popular as technology continues to evolve.

 – Unique personal design customized for each business

– All contact information with one click of a button
– Savings of thousands of shekels when you don’t need the website
– An application for sending the card to customers if you didn’t have time to answer

What Is Include?

Personal and unique design just for you
services offered.
Fast message delivery
Marketing messages
A designed card
Share at the click of a button
Photo Gallery
Sending an SMS message

Dear business owner, improve your appearance!

We will create a digital business card for you. Through a characterization that we prepared in advance of you and your business from the moment we did the architectural characterization we will perform the graphic design characterization of the card that is special only to you and your business from the moment the card is ready you receive from us a link to your digital business card that we are convinced will look at you differently from that moment on. With the click of a button, you can open the digital business card on your mobile device, and click on one of the sharing options, enter the customer’s phone number and this is the card they have.

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